Plus Licensing FAQ

Greyscalegorilla Plus gives Cinema 4D artists instant access to the largest and highest quality Cinema 4D Material, Asset, Plugin, and Training library ever assembled. All in one place and easy to use.

All so you can work faster, save time, and make more money.

One low price per year or month gives you access to our entire library of Materials, Assets, Plugins, and common-sense assets for Cinema 4D artists to use in production.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Plus and its licensing.


What Is Plus? Let’s start with the basics.

  1. Plus is a subscription-based service to use our indispensable collection of assets, plugins, and training.
  2. Freelancers and single users can use one license for their work. Teams or studios need one license per active user.
  3. Actively subscribed Plus Members get instant access to our entire Plus collection and anything new we add to the collection.
  4. If you choose to unsubscribe from Plus, you lose access to all Materials, Plugins, and Training and you cannot use our assets in any new work or scene files.

Can I use these Materials in commercial work?

Of course! We created these Plugins and Assets specifically to use in commercial work.

Can I use my Plus Materials, assets, and Plugins with Team Render?

Yep. Render away!

Can I use my Plus Materials and assets with a Cloud based Render Farm?

Yes. Be sure they support our Plugins before you submit. Here is one that we like.

Can I use “Save Project With Assets” to archive and collect these materials with my Project?

Absolutely! Don’t forget to backup and archive!

So what are the limitations of these materials and assets?

  1. You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, license, copy, sell, gift, transfer, share, resell or exploit access to the Products or use of the Products.
  2. Your license to use these Plugins and Materials in new projects is tied to your ongoing membership.

What actually happens if I cancel my membership?

  1. You will lose access to all Materials, Plugins, Assets, and Training available in Plus.
  2. You will lose access to the Plus Library and forgo your license to use any new materials or assets in new or existing projects.

What happens to existing scene files that use Greyscalegorilla Plus Materials if I cancel my membership?

Any previously created scene file or render, made while you were an active Plus member, is still available for you to use, alter, and re-render. However, you cannot use those assets in any new scene files.

We designed the Plus platform, its pricing, and this straightforward licensing to provide on-going value to Cinema 4D artists. We made it easy to give you access to everything we make and for you to use it in your work to help you or your company make more money and work faster.

  • One Price.
  • No Add-ons.
  • No hidden costs.
  • You get it all.
  • And, you get everything new, including products ONLY available with Plus.

No more asking for the company credit card or using your own money every time you need a new asset. Stay a member and get instant access to the largest C4D Material, Plugin, and Training library for one low price.


Have More Questions?

We tried to make this pretty straight forward. But we know there are always special use cases and questions. We are happy to answer any questions.

  1. Here is a link to our full EULA.
  2. Contact our excellent customer support if you have any questions about Plus licensing.